Ally Bryan is a mixed media artist and surface pattern designer based in Sydney where her daily ritual of diving into the mild waters of the Tasman Sea reminds her that the world is a rolling slideshow of light and colour.

Her earliest memories of childhood spent in the Caribbean are of combing the beach for flotsam and jetsam and digging her toes deep in the sand – a sensation she still finds invigorating today.

Ally gained a BA honours at Nottingham Trent University in computer graphic design and went on to build a globe-trotting career in fx design and production, working with BBC TV in the UK, Orbit in Italy, CNN in the US, and Animal Logic in Australia.

For Ally, the consequence of leading a life full of adventure and joy means she wants to do it all over again, seeking always to encounter inspiring people and develop her creativity.

In 2012 Ally set up Coloured Space Design and channelled her energies into designing art for print and fabrics. Her work has been adapted for wall hangings, puzzles, rugs, fabrics, bedding and plush toys.

It is no surprise that much of Ally’s inspiration comes from marine life and imagery, and the beautiful shapes already created by nature. She delights in vivid colours but also likes to explore the hidden shades of black and white.

Her more recent works have led her back to basics, using the paint brush, acrylics and inks to design exciting artwork for surface pattern and illustration. Ally can design across a broad spectrum and welcomes briefs for textiles, homewares, stationary and kids.


What motivates Ally:

To share ideas and designs

Be inspired by nature and its colour

To create for enjoyment

To connect people with their emotions

To energise and excite

To spark conversation

To lead with simple, functional design

To live life to the fullest

To be at one with the sea